Welcome to the Catholic Cemeteries of the Archdiocese of San Francisco!  The Catholic Cemeteries celebrate stories of life, bonds of love and the tradition of faith.  These are sacred spaces: places where we come to remember, to grieve and to pray.  Each of our cemeteries has its own fascinating history; all hold stories of great lives in our history, our communities and our families. Working closely with parishes throughout the Archdiocese, Catholic Cemeteries are the modern version of parish cemeteries.  As we have prayed together in community, so we are laid to rest within our Catholic community of faith.

Five generations of my family are buried at Holy Cross Cemetery in Colma; I have a very special connection here!  I am honored to be Director of Cemeteries and to have the opportunity to serve families throughout our Archdiocese.  I am also privileged to work with a compassionate and talented staff of people who believe in our ministry.

We welcome you to the Catholic Cemeteries: to share your story and the stories of your family and friends and community.  These are your Catholic Cemeteries; may they always bring you the comfort and hope of the Risen Christ!

Monica J. Williams,
Director of Cemeteries