About the Program

Planting a tree in Holy Cross Catholic Cemetery is a wonderful way to honor a loved one while providing a lasting gift to the whole community. A tree planted in Holy Cross allows everyone to enjoy the shade, beauty, and gifts a living tree provides.

A memorial tree can be planted for many occasions; in memory of someone, in honor of a dear friend or colleague; even a group or organization can plant a tree to keep Holy Cross’s landscape full for many generations to come.

For a $2,000 donation, a new tree 7′ (feet) or smaller will be planted. For a donation of $3,000 a new tree 8′ to 12′ will be planted. For a donation of $6,000 a new tree 13′ to 18′ will be planted.

In addition, your loved one’s name will be inscribed on a granite plaque located at the base of the tree.

Trees are guaranteed to live fifteen years. In the event a memorial tree dies, a new tree (same variety and size as originally planted) will be installed by the Cemetery.

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