Grieving a Suicide

“To experience the loss of someone I love that died by suicide is heart wrenching. Words fail me as I describe the person I loved so much; the words of others fall short of consolation. Hope seems lost and though I am aware that my faith will sustain me I feel so empty.”

Grief in any loss is hard. The journey is difficult, seems to last forever and is a singular walk, even though others are walking beside me. These Died by Suicide offerings can help you share the common experience of a sorrow that will not go away. Prayer, affirmation of the grief process, and some coping ideas will be part of the work. All who have experienced a loved one’s death by suicide are welcome.

Two opportunities:

*Died By Suicide: January 31st- 7-8:30 PM Holy Name Parish Center. 1555 39th Avenue San Francisco Read more