But Dad loved the ocean…..

People often believe that if they choose cremation, they will be scattered. However, the Catholic Cemeteries offer a variety of options for the placement of cremated remains. We spend a great deal of time talking about the importance of permanent placement and permanent memorialization. Instinctively, people seem to “get it”. Our historic walking tours are very popular (everyone wants to know “Where have you gone, Joe DiMaggio?”) and our genealogy research inquiries are constant. People want to know where their heroes and their loved ones are buried, but they don’t assume anyone will wonder the same thing about them.

“But Dad loved the ocean. We want to do something that seems right for him.”

You can go for a walk by the ocean every day and remember your dad. But in a generation or two, how will he be remembered? Who will know to look for him there? Where will the family go?

The Catholic Cemetery offers a permanent place where his name will be recorded, where the family legacy can be memorialized. Glass niches can help tell his story in a different and meaningful way: a picture, a memento, a personalized urn. All entrusted to the care of Catholic cemeterians who are called to a ministry of prayer for your father and your family. Even when there are no family members left to visit, we will be praying for your dad.