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Our Mission

Our mission is ministry. Our purpose is the devoted, reverent and compassionate service to the deceased and the bereaved. We uphold Catholic values and traditions offering hope and consolation in our shared belief in the Resurrection. We believe that even in death, the human body deserves to be treated with respect and dignity.

Christian burial in the hallowed ground of your Catholic Cemeteries represents a blessed home of sacred respite commemorating life’s journey. As dedicated and experienced servants to the Catholic Community, we are privileged to be of support during the difficult time of loss and mourning.

Our Sacred Duty and Privilege

Each person, created in the image and likeness of God, sets out on a miraculous journey of faith and love. In particular, the local parish provides guidance and direction along this path to minister to the traveler's needs and to celebrate significant milestones in one's life.

At Baptism, through the Holy Spirit and water, we become a new creation in Spirit - children of God. At the table of the Eucharist, we are blessed for life's journey. Through Confirmation, we are filled with the Holy Spirit and grow in wisdom and knowledge of Christ. We learn to support our fellow travelers. Along the journey, there are choices of marriage, vocation, and religious life.

As is birth, growth and maturity are a part of our life's pilgrimage. And so is death. On life's journey, the Church is present to guide and assist the members of Her community in faith. It is appropriate, therefore, that the Church through the Catholic Cemetery, be with us at the time of death and the grief that accompanies it.

Catholic Cemeteries represent an essential extension of the Catholic Church where those who have worshipped together in life now await the resurrection of the body in death. Catholic Cemeteries are rooted in religious traditions that honor and respect the deceased and convey an inherent reverence for their physical remains.

As experienced through Christ's teachings, death is not an end but a natural passage to a new life with God. Burial in the sacred grounds of a Catholic Cemetery affirms this belief in an everlasting life. Although for many, a grave often suggests sadness, in a Catholic Cemetery it represents a sign of genuine hope. Resting in God's earthly hands, we are secure in His promise of eternal life. In your Catholic Cemeteries, faith, hope and resurrection are an integral and miraculous element of our duty to serve others in this and the next life. Through God's love, we remain honored and privileged to fulfill that role for you and your family.